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Tammy Keys

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Owner, TJ's Virtual Biz 2 Biz
Taylor, Texas

"I met Laurie when she was establishing a radio and television programing studio in Austin, TX, OnPoint Broadcasting. Her energy, organization and attention to detail is what everyone wants to have on their team. She can wear many hats to get the job done.  OnPoint was a conservative talk show which was located within blocks of the state capitol. Laurie was on top of the happenings within our state, federal and our country's biggest issues.

Laurie researched all her guests and her conversations were genuine and informative. Even guests who were not in political agreement were treated with respect.  She is not afraid to ask the right questions. Laurie is creative in her approach and has an excellent intuition of the political landscape. She is always ahead of the curve. Talking and researching about Common Core long before it was a political hot button. Not to be outdone by politicians who “talk” about human trafficking and our war on drugs. Laurie brought in those involved on both sides and gave gut wrenching reports she had thoroughly researched beforehand. Laurie would make an excellent representative for the people in her district."