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Our military (active duty and medically retired or now out of service) who have been injured and have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries or Post Traumatic Stress can be restored to pre-injury levels with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Therapy. State Legislatures are figuring out ways with private partnerships to make this happen.  Imagine retaining military members who we have paid millions to train and restoring the livelihoods of so many, including the families shattered by the “invisible” injuries which impact relationships. Unfortunately, many of these veterans also find their way into the court system because of impulse control and sleep deprivation issues exacerbated by the brain injuries which are being masked by myriad pharmaceutical drugs.  There is help IF we take the initiative. 

There is irrefutable evidence that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) therapy  can restore the mTBI/PTS (mild traumatic brain injury) injured brain in Combat Veterans to pre-injury status. HBOT causes healing in the concussed brain with correction of cognitive impairments, slow reaction times, problems with concentration, focus and memory issues, irritability, agitation, anxiety, hearing loss, joint/muscle pain, headaches and sleep disturbances.  All of these symptoms in our injured warriors contribute to sleep deprivation, depression and potential suicide. Over 29 of these concussed men/women commit suicide per day. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes neuroplasticity and healing in the brain, allowing it to recover from injury, most of the time to pre-injury levels. The repair of the concussed, injured brain with HBOT has been substantiated through numerous studies and publications. This can be done at facilities within Florida just as Oklahoma has done. The Rand Corporation tells us that there are over 600,000 more veterans in the USA with mTBI/PTS who need HBOT treatments but cannot afford it. Over 90 percent of treated Veterans are able to either remain in the military or return to a normal civilian life. The military and VA systems are not providing this life-changing therapy for these deserving Veterans. It is never too late to successfully treat mTBI/PTS  with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Our very own Okaloosa County sitting Judge Patt Maney has been able to return to the bench after HBOT treatment. He was injured in Afghanistan on a NATO mission while an Army Reserve Brigadier General. After his injury and before HBOT therapy, he was unable to even negotiate shopping in a grocery store or pump gas.  He could NOT remember those simple things we take for granted that we can accomplish on a daily basis.

See Brig. Gen. Maney's testimony video

There IS an extraordinary, great and compelling need for HBOT treatment for TBI/PTS injured veterans and we CAN do this for our Florida veterans.