Memorial Day Means Thank You

Memorial Day Means Thank You

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It is heart wrenching, and an ill comment upon the state of our nation this solemn day, that the vast majority of our people, young and old, do not know, nor do they care, that our Memorial Day has been set aside to remember and honor our sons and daughters who have given their lives in defense of our national union, in defense of the freedom of our country, under the blanket of which we sleep in warmth and comfort this very night.

In the Holy Scripture of the Christians, Jesus is recorded in the book of John 15:13, as he spoke to his disciples on the night of the Jewish Passover; referred to by Christians as the Last Super. “Greater love hath no man than this … that he lay down his life for his friends.”

On this Memorial Day we few who care and understand the reverence of this Memorial Day, we cannot thank enough those of our sons and daughters of past generations, we cannot thank those of our sons and daughters in our generation, who have given their lives in defense of our country … for they are now in the hands of God.

However, we can, as we do this Memorial Day, continue to honor and respect the devotion, bravery and sacrifice of our fathers, husbands, sons and daughters, brothers, sisters, loved ones and friends.

We can, this Memorial Day, remind our families and friends that our lost loves have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation … for our America … and, in fact much of the world.

And on this day, this Memorial Day, we set aside for all of our family who have laid down their life that we, and the generations past, the generation now, and the generations to come, may offer our thanks that we live in the freedom which they sacrificed their life to defend and preserve for us.

As a nation, we honor's our fallen veterans once a year. However, those of us who have a veteran loved one or friend who has passed on, whether on the battlefield, or in training, or according to the constraints of time, their image and memory is always upon our hearts; we honor and remember them daily … as we should … as we cannot do otherwise.

One of the best proofs of the Lord's sustained blessings upon our nation is the fact that following in the example of our past generations, exceptional young men and women, continue to stand up, step forward, raise their right hand and “bearing true faith and allegiance, solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Rest assured my friends, those of us who know the history and sacrifice of our loved ones from generations past; most Americans neither know where and when a few of our sons and daughters may be at risk and fighting this very night.

Yet we, their family and friends, and our Vets who know and understand; we on this Memorial Day, offer our prayers, gratitude and respect for our warriors of generations past, and now our generation of young Americans who follow in the footsteps of all those brave and sacrificial ones who have come before; on the ground, upon the sea, and in the air … and our son and daughters, whom are there … this very night.

This is their Memorial Day … Sleep warm under the blanket, which they provide, and remember them all.