Loni Shaw and David Booher

Loni Shaw and David Booher

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Boo-Shaw Bakery Inc.

In my experience I discovered that Dad uses HIS love through  our actions to enforce HIS will by saving souls. For example, there are many people who don't notice the ichthys in our logo, but they are drawn to it anyway. After they enjoy our cookies, then the
conversation starts, "Why are you so joyful in a world like this?"....and that's when we introduce them to our Dad.

My point for you is: You want everyone to come and listen to you (especially unsaved souls). I've found that using Dad's words and actions BEFORE telling people why (IE: We are Christians) is more effective in this world.

So how about this (notice the words from the Bible):

"We met Laurie at a fall festival in 2014. She walked up to our vendor booth and valued our passion to spread joy so much that she allowed us to add a touch of elegance to the Okaloosa County 2014 Lincoln Dinner with our gourmet cookies. Laurie instantly knew our company is genuine and that's why she had the desire to promote our family business. Her action is a reflection of the genuine joy in her heart that she wants to share with others by supporting businesses to succeed. Her deep rooted faith has guided her to serve our community with love, patience, kindness and support as the OCREC Vice Chairmen. We are also guided by faith and building relationships by using our gifts to serve others. We're thankful that Laurie is a part of our lives to join in the movement of encouraging others to make their dreams come true."