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Lesley Lawson

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Image: – Lesley Lawson Endorses Laurie Bartlett – On Point Broadcasting


A natural born citizen
And American Patriot

"I met Laurie Bartlett in early 2009 as a result of my involvement in Tea Party activities.  She is a bright and talented woman with passion for her love of country and the American life.  She works tirelessly to seek the truth and inform people to help our country get back to its roots of the Constitution. In the years since I met Laurie, she is particularly savvy not only about politics, but about the business world and how it works and has used her skills in radio and TV to get information to the voters.  I know she will be an incredible asset to the people of Okaloosa County, District 4.  You can trust her to defend your rights, the State of Florida, and the Republic of the United States of America!"



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