In Response to Paris

In Response to Paris

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Many, hopefully most Americans, stand in solidarity with the French as they mourn their innocent dead and wounded. We have seen pictures in the press of people holding signs in support, “We are all French”.

A friend and professional colleague of mine told me of a morning in the early 1990s when, as a television producer, he was being led by a young Serb officer who was giving him a tour and briefing along the front lines encircling the besieged city of Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Yugoslavia.

Accompanying my friend and the Serb officer was a young French officer assigned as an observer to the U.N. Protection Force (UNPROFOR). Together they entered a sand-bagged gun position overlooking the city where two Serb soldiers manned their firing positions.

As the briefing continued the French officer, in frustration, could no longer maintain his silence and official position of neutrality. “Why don't you just give the Muslims what they want?” he said to the Serb.

The young Serb officer was silent for a moment, then replied to the French U.N military observer with a question of his own.

“How many Muslims do you now have in France … do you have in Paris?” he asked.

The French officer answered with self-satisfaction, “We have 3 to 4 million Muslims.”

The Serb officer responded, “Sir, if we do not stop the Muslims here … there may come the day when I will have the honor of being a U.N. military observer as you French fight Islamic jihadists in the streets of Paris.”

My friend sat quietly in the bunker overlooking the besieged city of Sarajevo and watched as the face of the young French office turn red with anger … and then his face turned white as he began to understand the dangerous implications of the Serb officer's prophetic words.

Sadly, the attacks in Paris do not represent the first time political leadership in Western Europe has meekly surrendered to a diabolical invader. And, once again innocent people are paying the price in blood and fear. The clear victory of the attackers and the propaganda value of a shocked and saddened civilized world will only serve to embolden the Muslim jihadists.

Holding hands and singing in the glow of candlelight vigils may soften the pain, but it will not help defeat an enemy which repeatedly promises to continue the cold blooded slaughter in the name of their god and prophet.

To their shame, most Americans could not find Paris on a map. And worse, even fewer realize that the signs reading “We are all French”, though meant to be sympathetic and supportive, are in fact a very serious, though unintended warning to America and Europe.

With a smile, the jihadists of Islam can now say, “Yes you are … you are all French, and as we came for them in Paris, we will soon come for you.”

Laurie Bartlett

Candidate for Florida House
District 4