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There are few places in America which can truly be called “sacred ground.” Our battlefields where the brave have fallen are truly sacred ground. Our local and national cemeteries, from Valley Forge through this very day, where we have buried our sons and daughters who “gave the last full measure of devotion” … this can truly be called sacred ground.

Yet, I believe there is another piece of sacred ground, a place which I fear is too often ignored, or taken for granted. It appears quickly, and then is gone. There are no great statues to mark its presence. Often there is just a small sign planted in the ground of a community center, or taped to the wall of school gym; hardly a fitting honor for such hallowed ground, yet hallowed ground it truly is when the sign reads … “Vote Here”.

The voting booth is sacred ground, sanctified by the blood, sweat and toil of generation of soldiers who put their lives on the line to defend our Republic; sanctified by the generation of women who demanded and earned the right to vote; sanctified by the generation of African Americans whom, together with all who stood with them, demanded and earned their right to vote.

Our early voting begins on August 20th with the primary election on August 30th, and I'm asking for your confidence, I'm asking for your vote.

I'm not one of the “Good-Old-Boys” who expect your vote, and takes it for granted. You know who they are, and you know they are running for themselves and the lucrative business interests of their friends.

However, as I do with all my heart …

If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, State's Right, and the limitation of Federal power over our lives … I ask for your vote.

If you believe life begins at conception, and that life is sacred … I ask for your vote.

If you support the right of Florida's law abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm, and if you firmly believe that the 2nd Amendment confirms the inalienable right of citizens to keep and bear arms to defend themselves, their families … I ask for you vote.

If you believe the education of our children is the right and responsibility of the parents, as entrusted to our locally elected school boards, charter schools, and home-schooling … vs. Federal control of our kids through Common Core … I ask for your vote.

If you support the application of our immigration laws, the legal immigration of those who hope and dream to become contribution citizens with their oath of allegiance to the United States; if you support the immediate securing of our borders, the tightening of our visa controls, the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens with a criminal record, and the full vetting of refugees … I ask for your vote.

If you support our small business entrepreneurs who work so hard to build our communities, our state which welcomes big business, our agriculture producers, and the protection of our amazing environment … I ask for your vote.

If you support law and order, and our police, and first responders who put their lives on the line night and day to serve and protect all of us … I ask for your vote.
If you honor and support our veterans who have served and sacrificed so much in defense of our nation, and deserve the health care, and the respect which they have earned … I ask for your vote.

If you love and support our sons and daughters on active duty this very day … this very night … in the sand of far off lands, in the air, upon and under the sea; if you respect, appreciate and wrap yourself in the cloak of security which this generation follows in the tradition of providing … I ask for your vote.

May I humbly suggest that a church, synagogue or mosque is not holy ground until its doors are open, and perhaps one, or a dozen, or even hundreds of people enter to worship their god as they see fit. So too, the voting booth, in and of itself, is not sacred ground until you step in to mark your ballot according to your heart … I ask for your vote.

Laurie Bartlett