Evelyn W. Davison

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Evelyn W. Davison

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Author, Praying & Praising Across Texas
Publisher, The Good News Journal, Inc. 

#1  Laurie Bartlett

"With grace, authority and courageous leadership, Laurie Bartlett hangs on to liberty and  presents God's unchanging  truth for life and living.  

Her walk and talk resonates with the strong conviction that Godly leaders, pastors and all Christ followers  must get out of the trenches of life and do exactly what God says.  The stakes are high in America as liberalism smothers life for marriage and funds death for the unborn. 

The implications are eternal as we reach and teach others the power of preserving life with  guidance under the power of God's Word and Holy Spirit.  Laurie is a leader who can make a difference as we all work to rebuild the walls of faith and freedom in our communities, state and nation ."



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