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Media Centers

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The Media Center is a cross-platform, private label, embeddable player app which streams your live, produced, and on-demand content 24/7/365 on your dedicated, permanent Internet TV Channel URL, linked into your own website.

It's like having your own Internet television station broadcasting online all the time!

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Keep Your Message From Getting Lost

On Point Broadcasting Network offers you the avenue to be in control of YOUR message, by allowing you to connect to your own dedicated channel and BROADCAST YOU.

Are YOU in Real Estate? Do YOU own a restaurant? Perhaps YOU are budding musician, actor or artist? Are YOU taking an exotic trip, or cruise? Maybe YOU want to capture YOUR city.

BE BOLD and GO LIVE! Experience Media like never before. YOU are on the cutting edge of marketing, advertising, and messaging!

Generate Revenue

You now have the ability to generate revenue with On Point Broadcasting Network and Media Centers! You can sell ad space, offer coupons, and even incorporate your tweets and other social media...all through your Media Center!

Social Media and YOU!

Your Media Center has your signature. Share YOUR broadcasts with your Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In followers. You have your marketing in YOUR hands. On Point Broadcasting Network provides you the avenue to stream and market YOU! Create the Buzz, the relationships, the loyalty! Brand YOU!

Your job as CEO of your Media Channel is to drive traffic to YOU! Generate Revenue! Create Awareness!

Your media channel comes programmed with an embed code which allows you to share your channel with family, friends, business associates, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media outlets!

Create YOUR fan page! Build the dream! Sell your product! Create Revenue!

Broadcast YOU is your business… as never before seen. You are the "Park Avenue" of the Internet Highway.

Market Examples

Main broadcast markets include:

  • News reporting
  • Politics campaigns
  • Sports tournaments, races
  • Events, concerts, fundraisers
  • Business conferences, training
  • Education, universities, exploration
  • Emergency, first response, research