Attacked With Lies by the National Association for Gun Rights

Attacked With Lies by the National Association for Gun Rights

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Thank goodness the National Association for Gun Rights was not carrying a real weapon when they pulled the political trigger last week. Except for the fact that it was premediated, this would be a deadly incident of “Friendly Fire,” and as all of our military and veterans know, on the battlefield there is nothing “friendly” about it.

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) put out a mass-mailing last week stating that I, together with Republican primary political candidates, Mel Pondera and Wayne Harris, are “hiding anti-gun views.”

I will not presume to speak for Mr. Ponder and Mr. Harris, though I believe they fully support our 2nd Amendment, as I do, and have always done.

So, this NAGR (I've never even heard of them) is a non-profit organization which lobbies on behalf of the conservative gun-rights agenda. Though listing a PO Box in Fredericksburg, Virginia, outside Washington D.C., they are actually based in Windsor, Colorado.

The point is that this NAGR mailer is a political hit piece which is totally inaccurate and misleading by inference, and innuendo.

I was unable to reach the NAGR, so, with my approval, a trusted campaign advisor of mine phoned them Tuesday, August 23. He was finally able to get through to Mr. David McDonald, the NAGR's State Coordinator for Florida.

Mr. McDonald was asked, “On what basis did the NAGR determine that I did not support the conservative position on gun rights?” David McDonald answered that, “the NAGR sent out a questionnaire, and there was no response.”

I, and at least one other of the Republican primary candidates, have never heard of or seen the NAGR questionnaire. And, if I had I would have been happy to respond in full support of the conservative gun rights platform.

Mr. McDonald was asked, “Did you contact Laurie Bartlett by phone to speak with her personally?” “I called, once but there was no answer,” Mr. McDonald said. Folks, have you ever heard of a candidate who doesn't return a call, especially from an organization they would be proud to support? I have no record of the NAGR ever having called.

Mr. McDonald was asked, “Did you ever e-mail Laurie Bartlett in an effort to follow up with your one-time mailing?” Mr. McDonald said he did not e-mail me.

Mr. McDonald was asked, “Did you ever read any of Laurie Bartlett's position pieces regarding her full support of conservative gun rights issues. Mr. McDonald said he had never read any of my position papers on any issue.

Repeated, and numerous calls including voice-mail were made to Mr. Dudley Brown, President of NAGR, and Mr. McDonald's boss, Mr. Brenden Boudreau, NAGR Director of State Affairs. No calls were accepted or returned. According to the receptionist at NAGR Mr. Brown and Boudreau were … “on another line … not available … still unavailable … in a meeting … in another meeting … out to lunch … away from their desk.” The receptionist finally stopped answering our calls all together.

I personally called the NAGR, and spoke with David McDonald. On my second call I was told that if I answered their questionnaire the NAGR would stop writing and mailing out “lies” (my word) about me. I'm not sure about the legal definitions of “extortion” and “Federal mail fraud,” … perhaps an experienced Florida attorney may be better informed … call me.

So here is the situation as it stands at the moment. Using the words which the NAGR used against me … Mr. Brown, Mr. Brenden Boudreau, and Mr. David McDonald have “refused to respond” to our inquiry as to why they would use the U.S. mail to purposely lie about my political platform as a candidate for public office; they have “refused to respond” to my phone survey regarding possible election fraud and Federal mail fraud; so I urge supporters “to call” Mr. Dudley Brown, Mr. Brenden Boudreau, and Mr. David McDonald at the NAGR (toll free 877-405-4570) “and insist that they come clean” about who, and what is behind this outrageous and defamatory attack.

In the meantime I have sent out an imaginary survey to all 501(c) 4 gun-lobby executives in Windsor Colorado asking them to respond to questions regarding meth-snorting, wife-beating, puppy-drowning, and pedophilia. As Mr. Brown, Mr. Boudreau, and Mr. McDonald of the National Association for Gun Rights have “refused to respond,” we must then warn potential contributors to the NAGR that these men may have a “hidden agenda” to smoke meth, beat their wives, drown your puppies, and molest your children.

Gentlemen of the NAGR, I suggest you Lawyer-up … and bring your accountants … the IRS is going to love looking at the unaccounted millions of dollars on your books … to say nothing about your tax-free status.


Contact Info:
Mr. Dudley Brown, Mr. Brenden Boudreau, Mr. David McDonald
National Association for Gun Rights
P.O. Box 7002
Fredericksburg, VA 22404
Telephone: (877) 405-4570


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